Youth Yard Sale 2.0

Thank you all for your donations and support at the last yard sale, we really couldn't have done it without you!
Because of your generosity we were able raise just over $650!

We received a lot of good feedback and the most common question... "when are you going to have another one? we have more stuff". Well.. your prayers were answered. We had to push our Summer Camp dates back a few weeks so we decided to take this opportunity to have another yard sale!

If you have anything you think is worth some value and are willing to donate, please let us know so we can pick up or feel free to drop the items off at the Justis home like before.
To be better prepared (as we learned the hard way), we would love to have most of the items by Wednesday July 3rd so we can prep Friday... but we know things come up so whenever you can is great.

This continues to go to camp and other Youth Group activities, so you can be sure that your donations are not just raising money but they are making an impact in a young persons life!

Thank you for your contributions and continued support. God Bless!